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Chef Panuvit Khaokaew

Candidate: About

Panuvit Khaokaew

Dream & Journeys

      Since 1996, Panuvit was born in East Part of Thailand, The Land of Tropical Fruits and Marine Fisheries. The only dream he has is to become a Chef since he was 12.

        The beginning of his journeys is becoming the

"World Champion Junior Talent Disciple Escoffier 2016" at age 19 during his study in the College.


     Almost four years of Experience in Competition Feild, He decided to leave his home country, Thailand, to Discover his new journey in France.


   He had an opportunity to take another bachelor's degree in L'Institut Paul Bocuse also Work in several Michelin star restaurants in France, Restaurant Gastronomique Christian Têtedoie by Chef Christian Têtedoie, Restaurant Le Neuvième Art by Chef Christoph Roure.

Candidate: Welcome

"I'm very proud of myself and very honor to be a representative of Thailand compete in the World Culinary Competition like Bocuse d'Or.

This Journey will be one of the best in my memory, and the Goal to achieve is to Raise the Thai flag to the Top!"

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