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The Team

Bocuse d'Or Thailand Team Members

Bocuse d'or Thailand-102.JPG

Olivier Castella


“Bocuse D’Or is the dream competition of perfection and excellence to all Chefs “

Jatuporn Juengmeesuk


“ This is the most challenging World Class Competition that I’m passionate in“

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Bocuse d'or Thailand-50.JPG

Panuvit Khaokaew

CANDIDATE 2024 - 2025

 “This is the stage for us to bring our Thai Spirit and Identity to the World’s eyes"

​Thanathip Piyakamperm

COMMIS 2020 - 2021

 “Bocuse d’Or is one of my dream and goal to achieve. Also, I’m proud to be a representative of Thailand”

Bocuse d'or Thailand-79.JPG

Natcha Saengow

CANDIDATE 2018 - 2019

“The world-class competition to perform the best of everything as we can to present Thailand”

Claude Lo


"the Bocuse d'or adventure is every gourmet's dream"

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